CSA shareholders commit to support a farm by paying in advance for a regular supply of vegetables. This allows the farmer to grow the best quality produce without the economic worry that besets modern agriculture. The commitment of shareholders to accept either surpluses or setbacks helps offset the unpredictability of the marketplace or weather. Food is local, fresh (most of it harvested the day it’s delivered), and produced without the use of harmful fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Members may also choose to be involved in the decision-making, from what is grown to how much is planted.

Each shareholder will receive 24 weekly deliveries of fresh organic produce every Thursday afternoon.

->  A Large Share is intended for 3-4 people and costs $695 (about $30 dollars a week).
->  A Medium Share (60% of the Large Size) is intended for 1-2 people and costs $475 (about $20 per week).

Eggs and cheese options are also available!

This year we are offering egg and cheese share options to go along with the vegetable CSA share. These cage free eggs and fresh raw cheeses are brought to us from Green Hill Farms, a neighboring farm that is all natural and chemical free – just like us!

Interested in our 2018 CSA?  Enter “earlybird2018” during check out and receive 10% off!