Sign up now for our 2017 CSA program

The CSA garden at Spoutwood Farm Center operates on 1.5 acres, serving up to 100 families each season. The CSA began in 1996, now going into its 22nd year. Each season we accept up to 2 full season apprentices, and 1-2 shorter term apprentices to participate in all aspects of the CSA, as well as other programs that take place on the farm. Building on all the successes of this past season, as well as trying our hand at a few new vegetables, we’ll plan to harvest and distribute bags of produce for 24 weeks. Harvests will start the last Thursday in May and go through the first Thursday in November. Please join us; you’ll be glad you did.

In the CSA model, shareholders commit to support a farm by paying in advance for a regular supply of vegetables. This allows the farmer to grow the best quality produce without the economic worry that now besets modern agriculture, particularly as the cash flow comes in when the farmer needs it most, at the beginning of the season. Spoutwood still operates within the pure CSA model, which is uncommon these days. That means we don’t market the produce through other avenues. Everything produced in the field is distributed equally amongst the membership. So, in keeping with the original idea of the CSA, in high times everybody shares in the bounty, and in the more difficult years everybody shares in the burden.