2017 Camping Rules - Spoutwood Farm

2017 Camping Rules

Camping at Spoutwood Farm is a privilege reserved for registered Staff, Vendors, Performers and Volunteers only. Campers must check in at the camping tent before set up of campsite; you will be ID’d and given a wristband. You will be instructed as to where to park your vehicle, and where to set up camp. A list of rules and regulations will be reviewed at that time.

The Creed of Camp Spoutwood

Respect the Farm, the Festival, and your fellow campers. The only person on Camping Hill that you can control is you. Any person not wearing an appropriate wristband(s) is not allowed in the camping area at any time without direct permission from the Camping Coordinators.

We care for our young. Parents must be aware of and responsible for their minor children at all times. We love all of the children of our intertwining tribes, but they are first and ultimately the responsibility of their parents/guardians. Anyone under the age of 21 will be required to wear an “under 21” wristband. Parents of children under age 16 will be given a waiver to sign regarding the liability of Spoutwood Farm when they check in to camp. Children must wear provided wristbands with parental contact info at all times.

We welcome the next generation of Spoutwood. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 who wish to camp and have earned the privilege but have no camping parent may, with parental permission, be supervised by a willing, responsible adult camper. Forms are available upon request and must be presented at time of check in.

We leave no trace. All trash is the responsibility of the camper that brought it in, and must be removed at time of departure. Spoutwood encourages campers to keep separate bags of compost, recycling, and garbage, and to dispose of them appropriately in keeping with the Festival’s Zero Waste policy. No combustion generators. Period. Solar? Bring it on!

We are friends to the animals. Pets are the responsibility of their humans or fae. Pets may not be left unattended and must be on a leash. Please clean up after them. Owners are responsible for any incidents concerning their companions.

We honor the needs of our kin. Camp-wide quiet time is 10:30pm. Please remember noise carries at night, and control your volume accordingly. Some campers need to wake up early! No vehicle may be started or moved on Camping Hill between the hours of 10pm and 6am. If for any reason you need to leave or enter during this time you must make special arrangements with the Camping Coordinators. Please understand that egress off the hill by vehicles is entirely at the discretion of the Parking Coordinator. Campers must remain on Camping Hill after 11pm.

We revel responsibly. Alcohol is permitted for campers over 21; any minor found, by staff, camping hospitality, or security to be consuming any alcohol or illegal substance will be remanded into the custody of their guardian, and any subsequent offenses may result in being escorted from the property. No obvious or public inebriation will be tolerated. Anyone caught using or selling illegal substances (ie: drugs, weapons or firearms) will be escorted off the property.

We maintain our boundaries. Tent/camps/equipment set up in areas other than assigned areas are prohibited and that equipment may be removed by the Camping Coordinators or Camping Hospitality with no liability to them or the farm for any damage caused to said equipment or property, especially encroachment into parking areas or thoroughfares. Vehicles may not be in camping areas at ANY time, unless discussed and cleared with the Camping Coordinators. Park and camp in the areas you are directed to ONLY. Camping vehicles are permitted in specified areas, however, please be aware that camping vehicles must, without exception, be in place by the Wednesday before festival at 8pm. Wheel blocks must be used on at least two tires and the unit may not move again until 8am Monday morning for any reason!

We honor the Greenman and Lady Lucy! While Rob and Lucy Wood, owners of Spoutwood Farm, and the Spoutwood Board, who manage the non-profit organization we are supporting, have ultimate authority over all decisions regarding that which occurs on Spoutwood Farm, they extend that authority to the current Camping Coordinators as applies to the area of Camping Hill and its management during the period of Fairie Festival preparation through post-Festival cleanup. Any action or need for resolution not satisfied by responsible interpersonal resolution is to be brought to the Camping Coordinators or Security. Camping Coordinators and Security work in conjunction with and support of each other, and both have authority to remove campers from the Hill. Any unresolved grievance may be brought to Rob and Lucy or to the Spoutwood Board post-Festival for resolution.

Camp Spoutwood is a safe place. Please be aware that security is here for you if you have need. Security is available and ready to respond 24 hours a day during Fairie Festival. Staff and Security camps will be marked for your convenience, but please bring all non-emergency needs to the Camping Coordinators camp area near camping sign in. If someone is harassing you, please know that staff and security are here to assist. We will be located at the top of the Hill where you register to camp.