CSA at Spoutwood Farm

Fresh Local Produce


The CSA garden at Spoutwood Farm Center operates on 1.5 acres, serving up to 100 families each season. The CSA began in 1996, now going into its 24th year.

The field crew here at Spoutwood is very small, giving each worker full participation into all facets of the operation, excepting administration. Each crew member is relied heavily upon to bring their best and approach each day with a high level of energy and willingness to participate fully in whatever is going on. Depending on the length of stay, you will experience a full season’s workload, from starting seedlings in the greenhouse to bringing in the final harvests and laying down cover crop seed in the fall. For those who wish to learn, tractor work will be included. Primarily, though, most of the field work is done by hand, with a minimal reliance on mechanization.

Also, when time permits in the season (early and late), apprentices who are interested are encouraged to take on a project of their own. Examples of this over the last couple of seasons include a re-structuring and re-wrap of the greenhouse, and installation of a root zone heating system in the greenhouse for early starts. There is an extensive library here to expand your education. We will also plan at least one visit to another area farm to experience what they do and how.

Housing cannot be guaranteed, but there is the possibility of rustic housing or a home-stay with a family living near the farm. The stipend for apprentices is dependent on experience. To receive the stipend, you must commit to a full position running March 1st – September 1st. No meals are provided, but you’re welcome to all you can eat from the gardens.

For all positions, drive, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm are essential. So is a sense of humor, and a willingness to adjust/adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and unexpected challenges. All candidates help promote Spoutwood’s educational mission and its overall keynote of hospitality. Note that all positions involve sometimes hard, repetitive physical labor, in a wide range of weather conditions. For some, it is drudgery, particularly when it is approached as drudgery. It is paramount to arrive every early morning with positive energy, with a willingness to participate fully and work well with others, including one’s fellow apprentices & interns, permanent Spoutwood staff, CSA shareholders, and the general public.

Please send a cover letter about yourself and relevant experiences, along with your resume to farm.manager@spoutwood.org and we will get in contact to schedule a farm visit and interview!

Growing in Sunshine,

Gianina Porter

-CSA/Farm Manager