2017 Vendor Application FAQ - Spoutwood Farm

2017 Vendor Application FAQ

Date & Hours of the 2017 May Day Fairie Festival

Friday May 5 – Sunday May 7, 2017 (Operating hours to be determined closer to the event.)



Entry Deadline

Application and jury fee (if required) must be received by January 20, 2017. Notifications of acceptance/rejection will be emailed no later than February 15, 2017.


Art at the Festival

70 vendors will be selected for this year’s show. Of the vendors we select, approximately 75% will be current vendors; 25% will be new. Your art must be original and handmade with the exception of no more than 5 vendors who will be permitted to sell mostly re-sell items. Of those, we will give preference to those who sell fair trade, unique items. Please acquaint yourselves with the mission of the Farm as it aligns with the Festival’s mission. You will find it useful to check out last year’s vendors.



  • You must be present to display and sell (No representatives or dealers allowed). If you have licensed work such as manufactured figurines, it may represent up to 15% of your inventory. Your work should represent a positive vision of fairy, nature, woodland, Celtic, or other fanciful theme.
  • Please do not attempt to sell or submit a non-juried artist’s work.
  • Every artist, regardless of how long you have vended with us, must complete an application.


Jury and Vending Fees

All artists must submit an application for jury. ONLY applicants who have not vended with us before must pay a non-refundable $10 jury fee. The jury fee must be sent on the same day that your application is filed. Make your check out to Spoutwood Farm or we can email you an invoice for the fee (PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT).


If mailing check, make it out to Spoutwood Farm and mail to:

Bibi Hahn

228 Spring Valley Dr

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


The 2017 Festival vending fees are as follows:


Maximum 12×12 space: $300

Maximum 12×20 space: $500

Maximum 20×20 $700 (NO TENTS OVER 20×20)

“Portable/Nomad” vendors (no space allotted): $150

We cannot guarantee any specific space or configuration (ie, corner space, etc.). Every effort will be made to place current vendors in their previous locations.

DO NOT SEND VENDING FEE AT THIS TIME. Instructions for payment will be sent upon acceptance.


Jury Procedure

All applicants, new and returning, must display images of their work on a website. Why? Our jury committee is geographically far-flung and this is the best way to share our jury pool. Also, we prefer professional artists — that is, artists who depend on their work to pay the bills! And having a website is certainly a necessity these days for any professional, artist or not. A website also gives us a better idea of you as a person, an important consideration when we’re looking for art that is family-friendly, but interesting enough that our patrons won’t find it in the local mall. Absolutely no slides or emailed JPGs will be accepted. If you are still working on your website, please do not apply until your website is ready since we start looking as soon as we get your application. You may only exhibit and sell work of the type represented in your application. BE SURE TO LIST EVERY TYPE OF item you want to sell on your application, and be sure that it is displayed on your website. You will not be permitted to add items to your application once you’re accepted unless you get special permission. This is to assure a good diversity of products! Please be sure prices are available, as price point is a review criterion for the jury. A brief description of items is helpful, as well as a bio/description of your work.

There are quite a few sites that allow you to easily update photos and text.

  • Etsy.com: allows you to sell your wares at a very nominal price
  • Weebly.com
  • Blog sites such as blogger, wordpress
  • Please avoid using photo-sharing sites such as Flickr unless your site only includes your artwork. We do not have time to weed through your family photos, etc to find your jury pictures! And if you must use one of these, don’t forget to add prices, a description, and if possible, a brief bio.

You are responsible for making sure your website is available during the entire jury period (September 15 2016-February 1, 2017). If we can’t get to your website, your application will not be considered. Just as important as your website is your email address. We only use email to correspond with you. You will be notified via email of your vending status, and if you’re accepted, this will be the only way we communicate vending information to you.



You are responsible for your own tent, tables, etc. We expect you to decorate your vending site in keeping with the Fairie theme of the Festival. No electricity is provided. We ask that you use recycled and/or recyclable materials for your packaging, etc. We are proud of our mission to be a zero-waste Festival. Festival will be held rain or shine. Be prepared. There is no rain date. When planning your site, remember that you are vending on a FARM; . ie, there are no perfectly flat surfaces, there is poison ivy, chiggers, ticks, wind, sun, rain, and everything else that comes when living outside. You should also be able to walk up hills. The main vending area is called “Frodo’s Hill” for a reason.


Sales Tax

You are responsible for reporting and paying your own Pennsylvania sales tax, whether you are a Pennsylvania resident or not. Please be sure to include your sales tax permit number on your application. If you don’t have one, you must provide us with your 2017 sales tax permit number within 15 days of acceptance. Apply online at www.pa100.state.pa.us. It’s free. Our promoter number is 10007833.



All accepted vendors must provide proof of insurance within 20 days of their acceptance notification to meet these requirements:

$1,000,000 General Aggregate Limit

$1,000,000 Products and Completed Operations Aggregate Limit

$500,000 Per Occurrence Limit

$500,000 Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Limit

$100,000 Fire Damage Liability Limit

$5,000 Medical Payment Limit

Spoutwood Farm Center Inc. and Robert and Lucy Wood 4255 Pierceville Rd Glen Rock PA 17327 must be listed as additional insureds on the policy.

In addition, exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance for displayed work, tools and/ or equipment. The May Day Fairie Festival assumes no liability for damage due to weather or other natural causes or theft.


Please be very careful to type your email address correctly on your application. You should receive an acknowledgement within 5 days of applying. If you do not get an acknowledgement of your application within a week, you may have mistyped your email address. You should email us to see if we got your application (vendor@fairyfestival.net) If your email bounces at any time, we will not make a second attempt to contact you. All communication leading up to the Festival is via email. No phone calls or snail mail will be used at any time.


Payment Terms

Once you are accepted, you will receive an invoice that includes all required and optional fees (vending, parking, camping, advertising, etc.). Payment will be due upon acceptance. If you haven’t paid your vendor fee by March 15, your vending status will be revoked. No refunds of vendor or other fees will be given after April 1st for any reason.



Click here to apply!


For further information, or to check on the status of your application, contact the May Day Fairie Festival vendor coordinator Bibi, by e-mailing bibibhahn@gmail.com .