2017 Fall Fairie Festival - Spoutwood Farm

2017 Fall Fairie Festival

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Autumn of Imagination
Once upon a time, two realms existed side by side…

Join the four fairie tribes, the Light and Dark Fae, for our first ever Fall Fairie Festival!

The Fall Fairie Festival will share many of the same features as the beloved May Day Fairie Festival, such as live music, dancing, bubbles, magicians, goblins, fairies and other winged-things, craft vendors, storytellers, and drum circles. Guests will get to enjoy all of these things and more, but with an autumnal twist! The festival will include fun, seasonal activities such as pumpkin painting, bobbing for apples, scarecrow making, and many more fall-related surprises!

The Fall Fairie Festival, celebrating the Autumn of Imagination, will be held on:

Saturday, October 14 – 10am-6pm
Sunday, October 15 – 10am-6pm


Ramblewood – a unique rustic resort
2564 Silver Rd, Darlington, Maryland 21034

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Fall Fairie Festival Tickets

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Activities, entertainment, vendors, and ticket information will be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates, friends!

October 14 and 15, 2017 will mark Spoutwood’s first Fall Fairie Festival. It will also mark the first time we’ve ever held a major event away from Spoutwood. We would never do such a thing unless it were absolutely necessary. And let it be known right up front that this in no way affects our commitment to the 27th annual May Day Fairie Festival May 4-6, 2018 at Spoutwood Farm.
August 18 we were summoned to Codorus Township offices and and told we were not grandfathered in for permit approval since we hadn’t held a fall festival in several years. The Township required us to go through their Zoning Hearing Board process—an involved process which involves notifying neighbors, advertising, scheduling, etc., a process which takes 2-3 months minimum. So it was either cancel or find another venue. We chose the latter, sorting through 15-20 venues until we settled on Ramblewood with its history of Fairy friendly vibes.
Ramblewood is not Spoutwood. Only Spoutwood is Spoutwood. But we Spoutwood Fae are going to take some of the magic and spirit from the Farm and from our hearts and we’re going to make Ramblewood such as it’s never been before. Come one and all and help create something unbelievable and epic: Spoutwood’s Fall Fairie Festival at Ramblewood October 14 and 15.
Rob and Lucy. Greenman, too!