2018 May Day Fairie Festival Performers & Schedule - Spoutwood Farm

2018 May Day Fairie Festival Performers & Schedule

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Stage Performers

Brinjal Faerie Band: Aubergine Faeries playing music and dancing.

Camerata Musica: A group who plays madrigal songs in a variety of languages laced with amusing anecdotes and trivia.

Celtic Ensemble: Local students performing Celtic music.

Cu Dubh: The sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling bagpipes resulting in tribal warrior music at its best.

Everybody Drum / Drum Fae: Provides drums, percussion, and facilitation for community drum circles.

Frenchie and the Punk: Joyfully blends foot-stompin’ folk, cabaret, world music, French chanson and ‘80’s punk, with vaudeville charm, pixie spirit, and steampunk flair.

Jenna Greene: The Greene Lady interlaces Celtic and World Folk music creating musical myth and magic.

Kristin Rebecca: Traditional Celtic music with folk harp and voice.

MAHARAL: A wild and sweet steampunkery performance group who melds techno with dabs of traditional Eastern music.

Mystical Movements: A fae-focused bellydance troupe who stages a variety of entrancing mystical dances.

Ni Riain School of Irish Dance: Maypole Dance and traditional Irish music.

Prem Raja Mahat: Folk Songs of Nepal.

The Sasanach: Traditional Irish fiddle music

Sweet Maple Singers: Traditional folk music and progressive feel-good songs.

Sweet Pea Faerie: An interactive and musical journey that brings the Legend of Kubiando to life.

Scheherazade’s Soiree: Singing, dancing, and audience participation for all ages.

The Circus Siren Pod: Interactive mermaid exhibits, located in Mermaid Island.

This Way To The Egress: A group with a tapestry of world influences and an alchemy of sounds modern and past, familiar and forgotten.

Thrir Venstri Foetr: A group who performs and teaches Medieval and Renaissance dances.

Tower Green: A group whose songs span ancient Rome and the pagan celebration of the coming Spring, dark elves and maidens, the works of Tolkien, May Day revelry, and more.Tuatha Dea: An Appalachian, Celtic, Tribal and Rock Band (and family) whose music generates pure primal energy with a Celtic, World and Rock twist.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Strolling Performers

Aura Shards: Offers a magical and unique auditory experience using a hang drum and tabla.

Dawndancer and Duskdancer: Wandering performers and entertainers who hand out hand-made faerie wishing tokens.

Fabularia, Faerie Harpist:  A mix of traditional, Celtic, and Renaissance harp music.

Gandersnitch the Goblin: Offers daily elf chess games and constant character interactions from a goblin cart.

Ian Carroll: Fiddle/Viola-based one-man band.

Janet Spahr: Gentle acoustic handpan music.

Joffrey the Giant: Strolling performer on stilts.  Sings to children and does balloon twisting.

Magpie Court: Queen Maggie, her champion Bone Anna, and Court Jester and herald Squelch, sing songs and tell tales on their never-ending search for shiny things.

Maugorn the Stray:  A wandering minstrel and medieval one-man band.

Spark the Fairy: A fire and nature fairy who has a magical drum and fairy hair magic.

Soolah Hoops: Hoop performances and instruction.

The Otterside Puppets: Puppets and friends who entertain children around the Festival.

The Raven/ Jeremiah Wiggins: Offers a combination of street magic and circus skills.

The Real Live Snake-Sword Show: A snake-sword act mixed with comedy and juggling tricks.The Sasanach: Traditional Irish fiddle music.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]