Spoutwood Fairie Festival NaturePlace FAQ - Spoutwood Farm

Spoutwood Fairie Festival NaturePlace FAQ

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How many attend the Festival? Between 9,000-15,000 depending on the weather

What are the dates? 2017’s Festival will be held May 4,5,6. You must be present all three days.

How many exhibitors participate? Approximately 20.

Who is eligible to exhibit? Your organization must be educational and/or non-profit, not affiliated with a (denominational) religion, and represent a positive mission. You may only sell wares that directly benefit the organization; products must not compete with those of our paying artist vendors.

Who must submit an application? Every organization, regardless of how long you have exhibited with us, must complete an application.

What are the exhibiting fees? Your booth is free. You may choose to place an ad in our program, or camp. Please let me know if you want/need either. Camping is available for a nominal fee. You will be provided with a parking pass once you enter the site; you must respond to the parking staff’s questionnaire when they send it (coming soon). Any additional parking will be paid by you. You will be given Festival passes for an appropriate number of helpers.

What additional things will I need if I’m accepted?

Sales Tax Unless you are tax-exempt, if you are selling anything, you are responsible for reporting and paying your own Pennsylvania sales tax, regardless of whether you are a Pennsylvania resident and you will be asked to provide it on your application or within 15 days of acceptance. Apply online at www.pa100.state.pa.us. Our promoter number is 10007833

What do I need to know about exhibiting at Festival?

  • You are responsible for your own tent, tables, etc.
  • We expect you to decorate your vending site in keeping with the Fairy theme of the Festival.
  • No electricity is provided.
  • We ask that you use recycled and/or recyclable materials for your packaging, etc.
  • Festival will be held rain or shine. Be prepared. There is no rain date.
  • When planning your site, remember that you are vending on a farm; . ie, there are no perfectly flat surfaces, there is poison ivy, chiggers, ticks, wind, sun, rain, and everything else that comes when living outside.
  • If you are exhibiting animals, you need liability insurance to cover any damages or injuries your animals may cause. We will ask for proof of insurance. NO ON-THE-SPOT adoptions.
  • Not showing up is grounds for not being accepted next year.