Frodo Straw Bale Building - Spoutwood Farm

Frodo Straw Bale Building

The Frodo Straw Bale building has entertained thousands of visitors since its formal opening in 1999.

Constructed of low-cost, renewable materials with a high insulation value, this free-standing, working exhibit in green building is a perfect compliment to the charm and mission of Spoutwood Farm. The warm, friendly interior contains hand-made furniture, a wood stove with an efficient catalytic converter, and is illuminated only by oil lamps and candles. Our library is well-stocked with carefully chosen selections from such topics as astronomy, agriculture, mythology and fairie stories, Greek philosphy, classical literature, American history, and natural sciences.

On observatory evenings, Frodo house is open to attendees for hot cocoa and cider as well as snacks.